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In today’s climate, rampant anti-Semitism underscores the urgency of fostering Jewish pride and effectively communicating it. By embracing our heritage and accomplishments, we counteract the divisive narratives that fuel hatred. “I’m That Jew,” as a Jewish advocacy nonprofit media project under the Am Yisrael Foundation, stands as a beacon of unity and resilience.Our mission goes beyond self-affirmation; it’s about crafting compelling narratives that resonate across diverse media platforms, from social media to broadcast and print. Through these creative communications, we not only boost and strengthen the Jewish community’s sense of identity and pride but also challenge the misconceptions and prejudices that breed anti-Semitism. In the face of adversity, our unwavering commitment to communicating Jewish pride becomes a powerful tool for combating bigotry and building understanding among communities.

Over time, “I’m That Jew” has evolved into a multifaceted multimedia project, encompassing a TedX Talk, a burgeoning social media presence, and even an exhibit at the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv. Additionally, numerous articles from prestigious publications such as Variety Magazine, The Times of Israel, and the Jewish Chronicle have generated over a million impressions. The visionary behind this initiative is Creative Director Eitan Chitayat of the renowned international Natie Branding Agency that has delivered the branding for various Israel and Jewish organizations including the Jewish Agency for Israel (under Natan Sharansky), IsraAID, Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation, and assorted projects with Taglit-Birthright. He’s also worked directly with Apple, Google, Facebook and YouTube on several worldwide projects, in addition to serving the Start-Up Nation with world-class brand-building capabilities in practically every industry.






About the author

Eitan Chitayat is a creative director, copywriter and brand-builder.
He has lived in Hong-Kong, London, Tel Aviv, New York and Boston.