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Based on an article Eitan Chitayat wrote, the 6 minute #IMTHATJEW video pays homage to all different types of Jews, across political leanings, professions, aspirations, nationalities, personal preferences, showing the diversity that exists among the Jewish people. Visually, it includes a long list of Jewish politicians, actors, artists, musicians, officials, celebrities, doctors, novelists, scientists, from Jeremy Piven to Sergey Brin, from Steven Spielberg to Michael Bloomberg. To name just a few.

With anti-semitism ever present and on the rise, this message of Jewish pride is relevant.

When Chitayat released “I’m that Jew”, this is the note that accompanied it on his Facebook page:


My name is Eitan Chitayat. And #IMTHATJEW

This has been simmering with me for a while.
And I’ve been wondering when would be the right time to let it out.

The time is now.

Last year, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre went down in France, radical Islamic terrorists entered a kosher supermarket and gunned down innocent Jewish shoppers who were just out to buy some groceries. They were killed because they were Jewish – no other reason. The world remained largely silent.

And look at anti-Semitism now. It’s 2015 and it’s everywhere you look. In the streets. In the media. In the classroom. It’s practically en vogue.

Is this really what we’ve come to?

Lest any Jew forgets – because of all the violence directed at us, the hatred, the incitement to harm and kill, the vile words, the missiles, the rockets, the knives, the rocks, the deafening silence of the world that we all feel right now – we should be proud of our heritage, accomplishments and spirit. Just like anyone else on this planet. And we shouldn’t be shy about it.

Rise up, speak up and keep your chins up. We’ll get through this because we love life and we’re strong and smart and funny and beautiful and talented and resilient and educated and hard-working and positive and so much more.

We’re okay. In fact, we’re more than okay.
We rock. And here’s a little reminder.

Love and peace to all.


Special thanks to Dana, Adam, Uri, Hed, Ari, Dina, Shelley and Avi, all of whom helped me tremendously.



Visit the I’m That Jew Shop page and wear Jewish pride on your sleeve.





About the author

Eitan Chitayat is a creative director, copywriter and brand-builder.
He has lived in Hong-Kong, London, Tel Aviv, New York and Boston.