On Thursday, October 15th, 2015, Eitan Chitayat posted his “I’m That Jew” video on Facebook. It spread like wildfire. Since then, it has been viewed almost 15 million times on assorted social media channels and has garnered tens of millions of impressions.

This kind of viral acknowledgment that touches on Jewish culture says something.

It says that Jews are proud of their Jewish history. That Jewish pride is alive and kicking.

Today, with Anti-Semitism ever present and on the rise, during times of peace and especially now as Israel and the worldwide Jewish
community is being attacked, this message of Jewish pride is essential. The hatred directed at Jews includes words, but more often than not, violence as well. Actions that threaten our security and existence. It is during these hard times that Jewish people must come together and be as one.

A strong, unapologetic, and resilient nation.

I’m That Jew is a Jewish advocacy nonprofit media project under the Am Yisrael Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our purpose is to develop creative initiatives such as films, animations, articles, narratives, and social media campaigns to strengthen us as a community by reminding us all of our heritage and accomplishments. I’m That Jew encourages us all to speak up and keep our heads high during hard times. We need to continue to remember who we are, and what bonds us and to maintain that rallying cry that unites us together – as one people.

We’re tired of being hated and singled out as a people it’s OK to hate. But we’ll never stop fighting it and celebrating who we are.

We wear our Jewish badge with pride.
Because that badge is a celebration of life itself.